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Flock Of Words

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Flock of Words
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The ‘Flock of Words’ is a path of bird poems, traditional sayings, jokes and song lyrics which begins with the Book of Genesis and stretches from William Shakespeare to Spike Milligan. Extracts from work by local war poet Laurence Binyon and contributions from three members of the public provide a local angle.

The ‘Flock of Words’ occupies a central position in the remodelled Central Promenade Area, connecting the new railway and bus stations with the seafront and Stone Jetty via the Festival Market car park.The path leads towards the internationally famous art deco Midland Hotel.The famous 1930’s designer and artist Eric Gill contributed some marvellous art to the Midland Hotel and The Flock of Words celebrates this with verse cut in Gill's letter fonts.

The path is 300 metres long and 2.5 metres wide and constructed in a variety of natural stones and polished concrete, with lettering carved, inlaid and cast in a variety of metals. Seats displaying the collective nouns of various birds and trees line the path on both sides. At the western end, a 9 metre tall obelisk continues the story of Noah and the Dove from the surrounding path. At night the path is flooded with white light.

The Artists
Artists Gordon Young, Russell Coleman
Designers/Text:Why Not Associates
Landscaping:Ann Kelly