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The promenade lighting consists of 38 lighting columns, illuminating the promenade with a clear white light. Each column also has a series of coloured lights at the base and top - a contemporary echo of the old festoon lighting that was once the backbone of the illuminations at Morecambe.

14 of the lighting columns project an image onto the promenade using the theatrical technique of ‘gobo’ projection.These images are changed three times a year and form a virtual gallery space for work by local artists and schools.

The Artist
Promenade Lighting designer: Jonathan Speirs

Gallery Artists so far:
  1. Birds by Night - Josh and Gordon Young

  2. Northern Soles/Dancing Feet - Simon Byford

  3. Microscopes on Morecambe Bay - John Angus

  4. Full Circle - Sue Flowers

  5. Energy Field/Invisible Force - Aine Philips

  6. Echoes of the Midland Hotel - David Goard

  7. Children's Gallery - Local schoolchildren from
    St. Peter’s Primary School, Heysham,
    Morecambe Bay CP School and Morecambe Road Primary School
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gallery picture number 4
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