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Rock Islands

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Rock Islands
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Razorbill on rock island roundabout Cormorant on rock island roundabout A pair of Gannets on rock island roundabout

The Rock Islands were the first of the Tern works to be installed in 1994. The redevelopment of Morecambe's central sea front allowed for the enhancement of three traffic roundabouts.The brief was to produce ideas which would depart radically from what is usual and familiar and included powerful, large scale features.This required the highway engineers to abandon convention and re-examine traditional assumptions about visibility and highway safety.

The result of collaboration between the artists, highway engineers, landscape architects and education officers from the RSPB was three striking islands of quarried rock, embellished with steel cormorants, gannets and razorbills.They signalled the determination of all involved in the Tern Project to high quality, ingenuity and invention in all the new developments.

The Artists
Bird Sculptures: Brian Fell, Gordon Young
Landscape: Jim Hodson,Ann Kelly