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The Stone Jetty

The Stone Jetty
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The jewel in Morecambe’s regeneration crown is the spectacular Stone Jetty.

Pivotal to Morecambe’s coastal defences, it has been transformed from an ageing, weather-beaten structure into a place of fun and artistic beauty. There is plenty here to keep the family entertained including a maze, magpie hopscotch, tongue twisters and word search, and it also hosts a population of striking bird bollards. The Stone Jetty leads you on an amazing journey for old and young to enjoy, far out into the magnificent Bay.

The Stone Jetty is all that remains of the former harbour, built around 1853.With the opening of the Port of Heysham in 1904 maritime trade at Morecambe declined rapidly and the harbour ended its days as a ships' breaking yard.The Stone Jetty was rebuilt and extended during 1994/5 as a large scale sea defence, designed to withstand the potentially destructive effects of overtopping waves in winter storms.

The Stone Jetty is a 'must-see' for every visitor to the town. It is the most romantic place to witness the Bay's stunningly beautiful sunsets and a great spot from which to observe the teeming bird life of the Bay.
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The Artists

Gordon Young, Russell Coleman
Bird Bollards: David Kemp
Landscaping: Jim Hodson

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